Products and Services

Investment Advisory Solutions

EQM Capital LLC provides actionable outsourced portfolio management solutions designed to assist independent advisors, wealth managers, and individual investors including:

  • Stock Selection Screens
  • Model Delivery
  • Asset Allocation Models
  • Consulting Services
  • Private Client Wealth Management

Why Outsource?

Investment Advisors

Client FocusIn an environment characterized by increased regulatory scrutiny, volatile and complex market conditions, and burgeoning competition from newly independent rivals, investment advisors are discovering their time is best spent building relationships with clients and devising an overall wealth management strategy, rather than focusing on the day to day ups and downs of the financial markets.

ScalabilityThere are only so many hours in a day.  And frequently, the investment management of client assets, a task that is getting increasingly complex and time-consuming is the ultimate casualty.   Utilizing outsourced investment solutions enables you to focus your time on your clients and growing your business in a scalable way.

FlexibilityWhile there are numerous outsource solutions available, EQM Capital can devise a customized action plan of investment management services tailored to your specific business model.  You select what menu of services you need, in order to best to meet your client’s investment objectives.


Why Hire a Financial Advisor?

Private Clients

ObjectivityHiring an outside investment advisor inserts a layer of objectivity between you and your investments so you don’t make emotional or biased decisions.  A good investment advisor also identifies risks and unintended bets in your portfolio.

Expertise – There are only so many hours in a day.  Investment management is a complex and time-consuming task.   Utilizing outsourced investment solutions enables you to focus your time and energy on the other important and more enjoyable aspects of your life.

Accountability – A good investment advisor asks difficult questions and identifies risks in order to create an actionable plan that keeps you accountable and on track to meet your financial and personal goals.